i love peeing on bathroom floors every where especialy at walmrt. i feel bad that other people have to clean up my pee but i just dont want to go in the toilet its no fun. theres a sense of danger when peeing on the floor you never know when somones gonna walk in and catch you. plus it turns me on. even just thinkink about it gets my blood going. but im also a pee freak so idc.
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I hate walmart the store by me does what they want when they want so I purposly wait till I need to use the restroom and wear a long dress with no panties then go to walmart and at various points and places around the store I will stand there and purposely pee on the floor in the isles to litteraly tell them **** on you

I also love 2piss at wally world & all the fast food places I always try 2hold the **** as long as possible so I'm ready to explode in a hot ******* mess all over ererything walls floor toilet paper toilet seat overs sink it makes me feel good knowing my **** has soaked down everything in reach my dream *** true would be going in a toilet & catching another guy ******* all over everything we would both take a hot **** on the whole room we could hold eachothers ***** & spray our **** loads on everything it would be super hot...

Walmart has a great bathroom to pee in. The mens and womens bathrooms are up front by the registers, but I don't like them because the toilet paper is in those stupid protective holders so I can't get at them, but there is one in the back of the store that women use to change their babies. and I use it all the time! The workers use that area by the bathroom on their breaks to sit and talk to each other and have coffee. And I hold it until I feel like the dam is gonna burst then I go in and lock the door, and almost in a frenzy I take the whole roll of toilet paper off the spool and put it on the floor right next to the door and whip out my d+ck and start whizzing on it and watching my pee go under the door, and I kept peeing on it so by the time I was done the toilet paper was so soaked it started to shred. and when I opened the door there was a big yellow puddle on the floor and I had a mischievous grin on my face because the girls were watching it. Nobody said anything to me, but some looked embarrassed and some thought it was funny, I felt like a naughty boy when I left because I know what I did was wrong, and that made me feel so satisfied. I don't care that somebody has to mop up the puddle and throw out the wet roll of toilet paper, if I did I wouldn't do it, when you guys pee all over the place do you think about the person that has to clean it up? I peed on so many roles of toilet paper since I was a young boy, I started when I was in a luncheonette with my parents and I had to go to the bathroom, and when I went in the toilet paper was already wet and the floor was wet, so I just turned away from the toilet and peed on it too because nobody would know. But it felt so good to take out my frustrations on other people and just the feeling of peeing wherever I feel like it. And since then I won't go anywhere without finding a bathroom to pee on everything, even when I was in school I used to stand by the urinal and shoot my pee up and go all over the top and on the handle to flush. I used to get off watching the pee drip off of it, and the next boy who used it got pee dripping on his hands. I get sooo excited just thinking about it, so now I'm gonna go to McDonalds and pee on the walls and all over the toilet seat and leave a nice puddle for people to step in. <br />
Will somebody email me and we can become friends? I gotta go, and pee all over McDonalds bathroom

I like to go into a family bathroom and **** on the baby changing table so when the next parent goes in has to put their baby in my pee

YEEEES that is so damn hot, I want to do that to, **** on everything in the family room.

That's a good strategy: pee wherever on the floor, wall, counter, etc., then quickly step to a urinal in case anyone comes in; then flush so it looks like you went there.

I've read about guys peeing into drains on the bathroom floor and have been amused at the thought of actually doing it. A few weeks ago, I traveled out of state and stopped at a rest stop. The mens room was overdue for a cleaning, and no one else was in there. As I walked up to the urinal, I noticed a floor drain in the middle of the room between the urinals and the sink. I turned awaw from the urinal, unzipped, aimed at the drain, and let it rip. The sound of the urine going down the drain echoed, and I started laughing. The laughter made it difficult to maintain my aim, and there ended up being a 3 foot circle of pee splashed around the drain. After 30 seconds, I decided to finish at the urinal. Almost immediately, a man walked in while I was at the urinal. He had to pass the floor drain to get to the other urinal. He looked down and noticed that somebody recently peed there. I got away with it as I was at the urinal when he walked in. After I got outside, I laughed to myself about how fun it was to pee in an unconventional manner.

lol cool. im glad im not the only one