Why Use A Toilet When The Floor Is Right There?

I just came back from a very quick business trip. I flew down to Texas spent about 5 hours in meeting and flew back in the same day. Every time I used a public restroom on this trip I made sure to use the floor because it is one way more fun and two I was just having one of those naughty pee feelings all day long.

At the airport on the way out I walked into the bathroom and there was only one other person in the stall on the other side. So I walked over to a urinal pulled out my **** and began ******* on the wall just next to the urinal. Letting my golden liquid cascade down the wall, pool on the floor before it began spreading out toward the floor drain. As I put my **** away I had this **** eating grin on and walked out of the bathroom.

Then at the airport in Texas I walked into the last stall against the wall. Pulled out my penis and began peeing on the wall and floor on the right side of the toilet. Again I left a wonderful puddle for the next person to use the stall.

On my trip back through the Texas airport I again walked to the same stall I used before. It had been cleaned so I figured I needed to add something since they had removed my artwork from before. So I began ******* into the toilet and then started to sway from side to side splashing my **** all over the floor and toilet.

After I landed back home I decided not to use the restroom, I didn't think I had to go. Well by the time I got to my car in the parking garage my bladder was ready to give way because I had been waiting so long for my luggage and kind of needed a **** but figured I could wait until I got home. Well after I put my luggage into the car I looked around and thought its dark no one is around let me just pee right here. So I walked to the side of my car and began peeing on the ground getting slightly horny by the sound of my **** splashing on the cement. Then I figured I should have at least some more naughty fun and proceeded to pee all over the side of the dodge caravan parked next to my car. I just smiled as my pee poured over the doors, the handle, and the windows. Once I was done I zipped back up and got in my car and drove away.

It was a great trip haha.
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

I've done that before....but in my own home! There is something ultra-naughty about having a toilet available right there, but completely ignoring it and deliberately ******* on the floor right next to it. Great fun.

Well, I have some videos you might like on Xtube: Just type 'purine' into the search.<br />
Also plenty of other naughty boys there that do similar kind of stuff that you do, like this dude: http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=HcSPb-C252-