Seat With A Whole In It

Hey everyone, has anyone ever thought about a good use for the seat design with a whole in it? Specially for women?? u have probs guessed but damn it is fun to pee through lol. I rode my bike the other day with a skirt on, When I needed to pee badly. I tilted so i was aiming through the whole and just let it all out. Probably about 90% of all my pee sprayed through the whole and all over the inside of my calves and soaked my pumps cus it splashed all over the pedals in the wind. It was proper fun lol

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5 Responses May 15, 2012

You have another good and hot story.

You Are awesome. I need to find more women like you!

That's a nice idea, but most of the seats with the hole in are designed for men, to alleviate pressure on the prostate. They're still too narrow to support a woman's hips in the right place. Make sure the one you buy is specifically designed for women, otherwise your weight will not be supported properly.<br />
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Really sexy story though, I like your creativity :)

Mmmm, lovely!

i like the way you think baby