Years Of Waiting :(

The first (and last) time I totally soaked my pants was when i was about 13 or 14. Since then i've squirted little bits but nothing more. The reason for which was because my mum wanted to know why they smelt like **** when she went to do the washing :/. so I had to quickly come up with a reason...I think I went with "I was trying to fling them into the washing pile and accidently got them in the toilet" lol. Anyway, after that I never wet my pants again because i was too nervous that she would suspect something. Ever since I wet my pants for the first time I couldnt wait to do it again.
Years went by until a few days ago when i finally decided I would do it again. I was spending night after night thinking of how I could do it without anyone knowing or finding my pants. In the end, I finally found thought of a way so I went about thinking of when I could do it.
The next time i had to have a bath, I thought that it was the perfect moment. So I put on my pants, and sat on the floor in the bathroom. I hadn't gone to the toilet for about 5 hours ( I have a weak bladder lol). BUT, while i was sitting there, I couldnt let anything out. I didnt know if it was cause I was nervous, or that I hadn't done it for soooo long. So I waited and tried to think of other things (not sexual) to take my mind of things. Finally, my body knew that I needed to go no matter if I was wearing pants or not, so finally a little squirt came out. It felt soo good and my pants were quiet wet at this time. A little while later another little squirt came out. then finally...I completely soaked my pants.
Since this was the first time in quiet a few years, it felt sooo good and I didnt want to stop, so in the end I was forcing it out making sure I was getting my pants the wettest I could.
Tbh, I can't wait till I have a bath next :D
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Good for you. Wetting your pants is good for you, so enjoy.<br />
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