A Surprise For My Parents

My parents were out for diner and boy would they get a surprise when they come back on their bed!! I'm not supposed to go to my parents room but tonight I did... I was wearing high waisted denim shorts and a hot pink crop top. I stri*ped off my top and bra slowly, look at the mirror and enjoying my sexy body in my parents mirror. I immediately started rubbing my breasts and started moaning with pleasure. Maybe my sister and brother could hear me but who cares lol!! Next I took off my shorts and undies and started touching myself. I watched myself rub my clitiris and moaned in pleasure when I orgasmed. Then I started humping my parents pillow. OMG you've got to try that. Then I started fingering my vagina licking all the juices that came with it. My golly that feels amazing I orgasmed as I pretended it was my crush fu*king me, I pretty much screamed with pleasure. Next I used my mums electric tooth brush as a vibrator and held it against my clitiris. Anyway you're probably wondering why my parents will get a surprise tonight?? Well we're getting to that. Did I mention I've had two cups of succulent berry tea?? And now my bladder really was to the max. I made my self another tea and gulped it down to torture my self. 10 mins of mas*urbating later I really couldn't hold it anymore and let a little out on my parents folded washing ready to be put away. That made me feel really horny and naughty. Then I got into my parents bed and put my shorts back on,- now we're getting to the surprise part... Then I started rubbing my vagina lips - i could fit my hand in my shorts cause my shorts were a big size, and as I orgasmed my bladder couldn't take it anymore- I had lost the fight I peed into my hand and immediately licked up the delicious salty liquid gold up in a flash. It felt really nice having your cold body drenched in pi*sand seeing your shorts being a darker colour. Satisfied with my mark of presence I made the bed and walked out as if nothing happened.
Should I feel bad for my actions??-I just wanted revenge and do you guys have any ideas how to make my parents not suspect it was me who peed in their bed??
Plz comment on the story and give any suggestions but mainly the story cause I might just lie my way out. My first time ever lol my siblings lie about me all the time and I get in trouble lol. Plz comment xx <3
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2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Ummmmm no lol

are u make a film of that