A Present For My Husband

I have recently managed to find a large pelican bib, it is not the hard plastic type I was hoping for, more a soft neoprene but I am planning on teaching my husband some table manners in it.
He has been allowed to see it, and feel it but not try it on yet, I am waiting for the right moment, he needs to have let it slip to the back of his mind so I can shock him with it, them when I call him for lunch and he sits at the table I will secure his hands with a belt to the chair, and slip it over his head so he is in my power, then he will be expeted to eat every last mouthful of food I offer to him, no matter how unappealing it is to him, and if he tried to leave any or spits it out he will be in so much trouble I will probably need to get the canes out.
I am very much looking forward to having lunch with my husband and I think he will find it very arousing too.
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

you must tell what happens

I'm sure he will follow your exact demands once he is in his bib. What kind of food will you be serving him?

And I do hope you will be suitably attired to carry out the scenario...

Please let us know how it goes.