My First Penis Docking

I, like most boys who have a foreskin love to feel the movement of my foreskin when i **********  and i wanted to share my skin with another boy.

Ben was my boyhood friend and he was circumcised and he wanted to have his foreskin back and the reason was he just loved my foreskin and every time we played with each other he would go and grab my foreskin and just slowly pull it back and forth to see how it worked.

his brother and friends were all cut and he did not see a foreskin  until he saw me and i was glad as Ben and i became great friends and had a fun time together..  At the time we did not think it was gay to touch another boys penis as it was fun to do and it felt nice to have someone else touch your penis.

So one day Ben asked if he would let me pull my foreskin over his penis and i said that i would try, I had a long foreskin and it was stretchy so we put our dicks together head to head and i pulled my foreskin back and we docked as they call it and then i pulled the foreskin down over his penis and Ben went into a fit as it must have felt nice to have a foreskin over his penis.

Ben then took his hand and started to ********** us together slowly as we did not want the foreskin to come off but it did and we kept doing this for a while then Ben was getting an ****** and i was close to one my self and after the last pull of my foreskin we both came and my skin was full of  Ben's *** and my own,  Ben was getting to the stage of having full white *** and i was the same and we both wanted to taste each other so we finished giving each other a head job and we happy with the experience.

We have done this a few times during our camp outs and sleep overs and i even tried **** to **** with another boy who had a foreskin  and that was a blast.

being older i have seen men do this on x tube and i had memories floodng back about what i did as a boy and i still miss those times with Ben as we both fell in love with each other and being 13 we we were just best buddies so our **** to **** experience didn't have a name like I know know as penis docking we just called it my foreskin pull down.  cut boys will miss this chance if they don't get to try it out so have a go if you are cut and see how it feels,,,  my love to you Ben, always.

if you want to talk to me  about my story you can contact me at

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Yeah, a few of my older friends said the same thing. They were circumcised and never
heard of docking around that time and didn't know it could be preformed together.

Thanks dfor the story. It has always been a fantasy of mine, but never had the chance to try docking.

I was the odd one out in my house at school, I was uncircumcised and the 24 other little boys in my class were all circumcised. I guess that you can imagine I was quite popular for this experience!!!!

did you lots of little hands exploring your boyhood.

I am basically straight but being uncut I would be curious to try it sometime.

Yeah the eperience of docking is one not to be missed. If you are circumcised then find a nice full foreskin and try it with them. The mixing of *** within the foreskin is awesome as well

it should be tried out if you are circumcised so you can feel what it is like to feel a foreskin on your<br />
penis.. LoL.

yeah, lot's of circumcised boys wanted to try it out and see how a foreskin felt on the end of their cocklets. fun times had by all.

great memory also, with also my best middle school and prep school friend. We did it frequently.

thank.s<br />
hope it entertained you and gave you happy memories.

It brought back great memories for me as well. This is truly a memorable experience for anyone who has tried it! Great memories, thanks and keep it UP!