A Couple Times

Well he was a younger boy and he introduce me to docking. I not much foreskin but it was enough to cover the head of penis.

It was close feeling not quite like ******* but enjoyable.

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I used to try as a kid my foreskin is very short though and when I get hard it pulls right back on its own I had a friend who had a foreskin that would overhang by a couple of inches even when hard, happy days..


Love to try docking.

actually the majority of uncut guys cannot dock..either the foreskin is too tight or there isn't enough skin to actually go over the head of his partners ****.<br />
I was cut but restored much of my skin..I can dock easily now and there is no tightness around the opening... out of all the guys i have been with (10 uncut guys) only one was able to dock me with his skin.. But I was able to dock with all of them and make them all *** that way too :) it is fun, very fun

what is docking, A wonderful experience a cut guy can feel when he connects to a uncut guy. It's fun to do when you join 2 ***** and when one guy has a long foreskin and can cover a cut guy with his skin<br />
you feel warmth and a skickyness when both ***** are joined.

I'd like to see how it's done in a vid clip... any ideas where? Sounds hot.

what is docking?

When a male who is not circumcised can cover another male glans with his foreskin and then the two glans are connected together. docking. A cut guy can get the feeling of how a foreskin feels over their cut glans.

Tell us about your nice memories,

I have. do you have any good stories.

Brings back nice memorys for me thanks email me somtime troysmith1@y7mail.com

Thanks for reading my story. Yes cut dudes do't know what they are missing if they have not tried it out.