I Had My First Time Making A Man ***...

It was our first time meeting. After meeting for a half hour, I asked him if I could see his ****. I helped him off with his shoes. He was close to being fully hard when his pants came down. He really looked good with his pants off. Nicely shaven and an already 5" ****. I could tell he could get bigger. I was stroking him and he liked it alot. It lasted about one minute, I was enjoying having him in my hand, I didnt even start to suck him, and he was *******. I wanted a good look at his *** to make sure he was healthy, his *** was very white and I knew it was good. I didnt want to upset his ****** so I got his **** all wet with his juices, he pumped a couple more times. His **** looked soo good all wet, then I took all of him in my mouth. His *** tasted really simular to mine. I drank down what I could lick up. Glad he was soo excited for this.

This was 40 minutes ago.
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Unfortunately, the first two guys that ****** me came while I sucked their *****. Only one ****** me.<br />
I must admit that I didn't like sucking the other guys **** after he had been in my arse. It was incentive to give him the bj of his life, so that I could get that **** out of my mouth :-)<br />
<br />
The other guy though, had me swallowing at least 3 times in order to get it all down :-)

Wish you lived close, would love for you to suck me off/

It is nice that you remember your first time so well...I really don't remember mine very well at all. Basically i was raped after a "friend" got me drunk. I shall have to write that story now that think about it...

Oh i wish I lived closee. I have around 8 inches I would lovd to watch you suck and make *** in your mouth. I would be happy to return the favor. I do go by your area on occasion but Im going to be a texas resident soon. Anyone from Texas who is into threesums with their wife or just likes sucking hit me up. Id like to see your **** piks if possible. Thanks

God........... I could have written that account identically. You are so correct "White healthy *** tastes so sweet". I was in the closet so long I could kick myself, years lost of all-embracing gratification and fulfillment.

@diaperluver- for me these things dont just happen, it takes weeks or months to find someone. I have limited a lot of what I do here on ep to local people only. I cant give much time to people that dont live in the area and there is no remote chance of us hooking up. I have wasted soo much time here on ep in the past. ironically, the individual I wrote this story about, I met on ep.


He and I have only met twice. The next time I brought him twice. He wasnt sure if this was possible, for him to get hard again and ****** again. I think he liked me telling him how much i enjoyed having his **** in my hands and mouth. I told him to use me for his oral pleasure whenever he wants. He goes to school and has a little tough time getting away from his wife. I like that we are both married. I am health conscience. I would like to find someone that can meet more frequently, I want that individual to really desire to have me pleasure him to the ultimate experience. I want him to know whenever he gets that sensation in his pants, and wife isnt doing her part (or maybe she is) that I will be there to make his manmeat feel really good. i dont know where this servanthood came from, but I'm enjoying it!

I completely understand how you feel and what you want.

@curiouser4u-it would sure be great to find someone close that I could see on a more regular basis. Would you like to be sucked too? I actually live in DisBay. Only 45 min from you.<br />
I will add you and let you check out my ****, let me know if you like it enough to meet up. I dont know if I'm girly, I am not overwieght and have good hygiene. I shave my balls and everything else is trimmed very short.

It is wonderful to be in bed holding a man's limp **** in your hand, and to feel it gradually harden. Something better than that, if feeling a limp **** harden in your mouth :-)

@openended-yeah, should have been that way. He really didnt get hard, so giving head to limp **** is not very exciting. But I met for a second time with this other person. I made him *** twice, so I'm not worried about my ability. I guess the second was most memorable.

The first is always the most memorable!

I hope the guy gets back in touch. I think he felt bad about ******* quick. It didnt bother me.

Sounds like such a good time. Thanks for sharing. Please let us know if it happens again!

I havent stopped thinking about it. I just want it to last much longer next time.