Just Yesterday.

I was youing the tube and started listening to Barenakedladies.... I wonder if EPs **** filter is going to lick that up....
I came across their Big Bang video that they did on the set of The Big Bang Theory.  It was cool to see the set from further back with the lighting and gaffs and stuff, but for me the highlight was Penny.
Penny wasn't some normal Star all stuck up and waiting to be served.  No.  She was singing along, swaying to the music, jumping up and down.  Pretty much doing what any  normal person would do if a rock band showed up for an inpromptu jam session.
So add that to the list of reasons I like her.  Heres the rest of the list: 
Comedic timing
Facial expressions
And now, a sense of normalcy about her.
The girl next door I wish lived next door.
Firegod74 Firegod74
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1 Response Feb 13, 2012

BAZINGA! At least you're suppose to like Penny! I love Sheldon!! O.o