People Aged And Children Are Always A Pleasure.


PEOPLE aged and children are always a pleasure.

I have a grandmother that will be 103 this month and miss talking with her because our last conversation was in July of 2006. I just have a very great respect for those who have been around for over a century and seen such a great change since the horse and buggy were still around. When I said to grandma; what was it like after the crash in the great depression? She just answered and said; well we never had much so just really didn't give it much thought as our lives just stayed about the same.  It's those who have had the least that will survive the best when the great tribulation strikes, and soon it will.

To just be as an observer and one who moves around a bit within the same area in a small town or village area in the Philippines meets some interesting people. About a year and a half ago when my now wife and I were looking for a lot with owner financing we came across this old woman sitting on a rock with a small ball peen hammer picking up a small rock from a pile and holding it in her hand as she hit it hard over and over until it broke; and then the same to the smaller pieces until they were yet smaller while then putting them in a strong material sack until it was full to be sold for 25 peso or about 50 cents. With a hard days work of sitting and busting rocks into stones and filling bags she could earn about one dollar per day. What so interesting about the woman is that she is blind and cannot see at all, yet never misses her hard strokes of hitting the rocks held in her hand and has been doing it for years as her income.  

Yesterday in the little town an old woman said hello and we talked just a bit because I especially enjoy the company of the elderly. She said that she has been around a long time and asked me if I had any spare peso, so I gave her my coin worth about ten cents and said goodbye as I walked into a store to buy some Buko which is fresh coconut juice. When I came out and had the change of a 20 peso paper money I gave it to her and she really smiled big time and said; “I will remember you.” Today I saw her again and with her strange eyes as semi crossed or one looking distant from the other she said hello with a big smile as she walked slowly away with her cane and got into a motorized tricycle for a ride to her bali. She is a very interesting woman that can walk, talk, be friendly and think at 106 years of age.

There was Bebing who was in her 80’s and still in a corn field with a heavy steel pipe about 5ft long with a cutting edge for stabbing into the ground as a root cutter to make plowing with a cow easier without roots to snag the forks. Her home was but a little bamboo hut and her 63 year old son still lived there and helped her to plow.

I met a woman in the mountains who lived in a very small single room bamboo shanty and was always on her knees because she can’t walk. Just to see someone like that can really hurt because they have absolutely nothing for life. Just on your knees day after day in your home with no TV, radio, games, company or anything at all to do, and that alone breaks my heart. My heart and mind always wants to do something special for people like that; something special as maybe just an etch a sketch to give them at least something to do. If I had a thousand of those I could have a thousand great days of just going to visit individuals with a gift of something different that for the most part they have never even seen or heard of.

Still in the same mountain area I meet three children, and just as old folks, children have a special place in my heart because they are so pure and innocent while coming into a world not by choice or by answering an invitation only to deal with whatever their lives may be. . . . which for most all children is nothing good. . . .as they either have nothing, go hungry, witness terrors in their own homes and families, have no genuine up bringing and just to many hardships to list; yet children are very different than anybody while still being very young because all they know is what they have; therefore can be very beautiful with their smiles and laughs and words because they never complain even though two little boys with their sister and dad live in a one room mountain hut with no mom, dad has no work, so they have nothing and eat roots and rice; yet they are only children that just accept life as it is and never complain.  

I have also come across many other children because my wife is a first grade school teacher with 68 pupils that she loves very much and is very dedicated to as their teacher; but with that she also has no choice to see their extreme hardships as when they bring their lunches there is nothing but only rice. Or a book bag that is but a sack rather than the book backpacks that most use, and the ones my wife Mylene sees are in very poor condition along with the clothes they have to wear. Yet when ever I go to her school I am very much loved by all of the children with just total amazement are their ways in school and around people that I have never before seen as in workers that keep their own classroom clean, and the outside around their classroom, and they are very respectful and all very kind children, and only in the first grade. Every time I see them all including other grades because the whole elementary school like me, it just eats away at my heart because I can’t do anything special for any of them other than just words and smiles that make them very happy. The worst part is to have to see and smell the odor of their out building with no water even run to it, seat less commodes, no doors, filth so bad that all the kids just use the field area that I learned the hard way by walking right in some pooh piles from kids because the c/f comfort room is just to nasty to use. Yet kids are just kids with no complaints because what is, just is. Plus some of their desks are bad from termites, ceilings poor, lighting poor, only one little ceiling fan for a small hot room of 68 kids and a teacher, window glass missing, walls need paint; but school is just school and all of the kids are happy.

Mylene and I only wish that we could do things to help them all, but barely get by our own selves. We have thought about adopting a boy and a girl, but when one has nothing they don’t feel secure in expanding. We have also though about starting a private school or just a tutorial center because my wife is so talented and good with children that they all love her as a teacher and me just because I am JOE which is a name for an American.

There is also a little boy who just sits with his mother and seems a bit different and watchful just as most children. So whenever I am in one of the little open markets that just sell small miscellaneous items I will always buy some candies just to give children because they get so excited. Well this little boy in particular had a joy and happiness come across him like I had never before seen when I gave him some tootsie pops, and then it became an every day thing when ever him and his mother were sitting in front of the tiny market. And any time I would just ride by on a little 70cc Rust scoter he would yell smile and wave. The boy is autistic and I put some happiness into his life; and that alone made me happy only to wish there was more that I could do.

I have now been in the Philippines since December of 2006 and have met and seen many people of all ages in all types of situations that for the most part have been more sad for me than them because where they are at is just what their lives are and they have no gripes or complaints which has been a great help for me to see because at one time in my life I was quite well off financially.

I was finished but just have one more experience gnawing at me that I want to share because it brought tears when I was apart of it.

In January 2009 Mylene and I took a ferry from Dumaguete to Cebu city; and as it came into the port there were many very small canoe style boats with women and children after only whatever coins the passengers were willing to throw over the side from up high for them to either catch or dive into the water to get. And to see the young and the old and just so many children with the only income they have being what is thrown their way; and there are many little boats with many in need for just a small ferry with many poor people that have little to share. With the little that Mylene and I have we still gave away about 200 peso which is a lot, but to many that don’t understand being poor, four dollars is very little. But I assure you it was a sight seen that has been seen three tomes now and will always be remembered.

All and all with factors of reality, the good news is in route and guaranteed as the kingdom of God with only good and no more of the bad for anybody. But what so many fail to understand is that as it is written the bad news [great tribulation] must come first to prepare for the good news of the first kingdom of the world that shall never fall. Amen   

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Mar 9, 2010