I Enjoy A Quiet Weekend

After waking up from a well earned nap and I asked you if you wanted to do anything you looked at me and said no I want to stay right here and you just snuggled up closer to me. Then you raised up and kissed me on my cheek saying thank you, I leaned over kissing your forehead saying, no thank you. We just laid there talking, giggling and laughing for another hour before we finally got up and decided to take another hike. We Just walked down the road til we found another trail and decided to see where it went, this trail was wide enough for both of us so I put my arm around you just in case you tripped. A little bit down the trail you stepped on a rock losing your balance and I caught you as you began to fall. I pulled you up and as we stood there face to face our noses almost touching I leaned down giving you a deep passionate kiss, you reached your arms around me returning my kiss  with a kiss that deep and passionate like mine.
   It was starting to get dark so I suggested we head back to the cabin, we walked hand in hand smiling. After supper I made us a couple drinks and we sat out on the porch all snuggled up on the swing. You kept asking me questions about everything, it was like I was getting the third degree but I enjoyed being here with you and it was fun answering all your questions. It started to cool down so I went inside and found a blanket to put over us and made us another drink. This is the best weekend I`ve had in years and I hope to have many more.
   About midnight we decided to go to bed and I told you to take the bed and I`ll sleep on the couch. When we got inside you turned around and told me that you would really appreciate if I would sleep with you. You told me that it had been so long since you had a man sleep with you and since we were getting along so well and you trusted me it would be ok. I told you to get ready for bed and I would be in when you were finished changing. Get in here I hear you yell and i came to bed laying down on the other side, but you have other plans as you scoot over and snuggle up behind me wrapping your arm around me and rolling me over so we were face to face. All I could do was smile cause this is what I really wanted, we kissed like we did earlier letting our passion rise. I wrapped my arms around her  holding her tight and turning the light off.
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

after lights went off...the real action started..but that is for readers imagination :)

Ah much nicer Pmac, very intimate and loving! Thanks for sharing!