My Passions!!

Love Slow passionate Kissing
There is nothing like a slow passionate kissing. It just connects the two people on a level beyond anything.
Adventure Passions
Love adventure.
I love going on travel adventures mostly but any adventure is good as long it is safe and does not lead to pain or risky behaviors.
Artist Passions
I don't draw, paint, but I take lot of pics and for me that is my art. 
Beer Passions 
I love trying different types of Beer. Its my fav drink after wine. Love beer drinking at pubs, bars, just anywhere.
Bisexual Passions
I am certainly looking to connect with Bi sexual women who are open on accepting a guy like me. I want to marry a women and possibly have children, but do want to be open if I ever had my urges taking me over. I might never act on them but I would still want to be honest about my feelings.
Candy Passions
I love sweet things, and sometimes I just buy candies and keep them with me to eat them whenever a sweet urge arises. I would love to meet someone as sweet as a candy and build a relationship with them.
Chocolate Lovers Passions
I love all kinds of chocolates. More fruit and milk based chocolates then the dark chocolates. Would love to meet someone who loves them too. 
Country Passions
I would love to live in a country, and meet someone who lives in the country. Love the open wide spaces away from the noise of a city. Would love to meet someone and build a relationship.
Dance Passions
I don't know any particular dance style but just love to get up to the floor and dance on a good beat. Slow dance with a partner is one of the most fun and passionate things to do.
Festival Passions
I went last year to Evolvefest and it was such a wonderful experience. Would love to meet someone who enjoys these festivals. Indian festivals of Diwali, Holi, Lodi, Ganpathi, Dandia, and more are fun too. I love festivities around Christmas Time, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Halloween.
Food lovers Passions
I just enjoy eating all kinds of food. Not too much into fish but enjoy sushi, and not so fishy fish. So would love to meet someone who enjoys trying different types of foods.
Funny Passions
I love going to comedy shows and watching stand ups on the TV. Just love being around people that love laughing and making others laugh.
Gardening Passions
I love to grow vegetable plants, flowers, and herbs. Just playing with soil is so much fun and therapeutic.

Would love to meet someone from this group.
I love being amongst gardens, wild woods, trails, green rolling hills, parks, and so much more.
Halloween Passions
I love this festival, love wearing costumes and going to different parties, and haunted places.
Health Passions
Health is so important. if we don't have health then there is nothing.. So would love to meet people that follow a healthy life style.
Hikers Passions
I just love hiking. Hiking takes me away to a different world of peace and being one with nature. Have hiked on different mountains, in Manchester, VT, NH, Maine, and on Mt Albert in CO.
Would love to meet people from India. Its not easy to connect with like minded people when you are not social and active in local groups.
Millionaire Passions
I have always wondered what it would be to be dating a millionaire, or just having one as a friend. I would love to have a peek into their lifestyle and would love to be friends with someone who appreciates the beauty of life and looks beyond money.
Movies Passions
Oscar night is a must even just like the super bowl is to many. I love watching movies off all type. Mostly enjoy watching them on the theatre. But TV, is good too.
New Jersey
With few years in PA, I have always lived in NJ. Its a small state but has it all, the beaches, mountains, hills, fields, farms, big urban  settlements. I love NJ. Would love to meet someone from NJ.
Painting Passions
I love paintings. I don't paint but would love to meet someone who paints and learn more from them on how to paint. 
Passion to meet someone special.
I am looking for a soul mate. Someone with whom I can have a life time friendship. 
Photography Passions
I love taking way too many photographs. I have a digital camera by canon and I just love taking pictures of almost anything. would love to shoot nudes some day but for now I enjoy nature the most.
Romance Passions
I love being romantic. Good music, wine, food, and a good women. A walk on the beach on a full moon night. Just being in someones arms and be passionately held.
Spiritual Passions
Spirituality is my core. I grew up in spirituality and it is such an important part of me. I connect with nature and my surroundings in the most spiritual way.
Trans Passions
I would love to meet people who have followed a journey from a man to a women and women to a man. Or who simply don't identify themselves with any sex. Its just amazing to know that people take such a journey to enjoy who they feel they want to be.
Traveling Passions
I enjoy traveling and being in new places. there is no experience like traveling to a new place, exploring local hot spots, and meeting different people.
Wine lovers Passions
I love all types of Wine. Would love to live in a Wine country and just enjoy wine all day long.
Writers Passions
Writing takes me on path to express my deepest fears, my joys, my expectations, my ability to connect deeper with my own self and others. I love people who have the ability to write. I am always learning how to write and express better through written words.
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Feb 5, 2013