Adds To Community Feeling

I love this. I don't always add a logo to groups I create and then forget or never get around to it or don't feel inspired enough to find or create one. A couple of times other people have added them to my groups and I liked that. Makes the group feel more like a group when others join in aside from posting stories. When searching for a group like this one I came across a couple where people said they join a group just to add a logo and then leave it. This makes me sad, I don't mind a person doing that but at least leave a little note to say who did it so I can say Thanks. You can also write a story and leave a group and the story will stay unless you delete it.
A couple of times I have seen groups that have no logo and I have an idea of a good one for it but don't add it because I'm not sure how many people would appreciate it or not, I could see people getting annoyed by that as well.
Well, I won't get annoyed by it at least. :)
Peacewithyourfate Peacewithyourfate
Jan 17, 2012