A Slow Realization...

I can confidently say this today, but it has taken me a while to realize it. I have always sort of felt a "soft spot" for everyone in a way, because I never really liked to hurt people, or was never interested in violence, and found that I was gentle around everyone. While I wasn't out to please everybody, I found that I did care what others thought and tried my best to avoid making others feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I've been called "too nice"...

When people fight with others or tease certain people, criticizing them in numerous ways in a judgmental manner, often I don't identify too much with such thoughts. I can see from another point of view, but not always. Even in the judgmental thoughts, it is amusing and beautiful in some way... It's natural for me to be loving and kind to others, and make friends extremely easy.

But I am human also, and won't deny that I can be angry and have thoughts of hate in some circumstances. Yet to those I find annoying or unpleasant, I am typically relieved to find no hard feelings for them at the end of the day. There's beauty in everyone.

This is all a generalization of course, and it's sort of been with me most of my life, slowly becoming more intense. And to my amazement, I now find myself on a sincere spiritual path.
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