On Why Humans Are The Scariest Kind Of Animal

Well, it's obvious, isn't it?

You know just what to expect out of any given wild creature, and you treat it with the appropriate amount of caution. A wild animal will never trick you, deceive you or lie to you - a human is likely to do all of these things are more. In addition, you can never tell which sort of human is going to screw you over - a bum may treat you like royalty while a smartly dressed gentleman may stab you in the back. Mind games, heartbreak, etc. I'd almost rather take on great white shark than a human.
Vellamo Vellamo
18-21, F
6 Responses Sep 5, 2011

An interesting group in which to post such a story, Vellamo. Perhaps a touch of irony?<br />
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I agree with your sentiment. I am capable of loving individual people, but I believe that as a species, we are an evolutionary error.

I have no doubt that we are the most dangerous species: (1) we have wiped out more other species than any other single species in evolution I'd bet, and (2) the most efficient science is the science of killing. This latter may sound untrue but sadly it is true.

I wouldn't take on a white shark lol but I know what you're saying and i agree, humans aren't as predictable as animals are. Its our greatest strength and our downfall at the same time. Our free will/meta-conscious/ego-- whatever makes us us, and separates us from the rest of the species is a gift, and as usual some people abuse this. They are dark and do bad things, but for the people with good intentions, we make the best of this gift and we're trying to make the world a better place with it (although soemtimes i wonder if we didn't exist at all...wouldn't the lack of pollution mean the world would just stay as it was created? and then we wouldn't be cleaning up after ourselves)<br />
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Oh, we are a complicated species.

plus humans are hairless and funny shaped wierdo creatures.... we don't look like any of the other animals really!

They must think we're so ugly-- like what we'd imagine aliens to look like! maybe we are the aliens.. x.X

Most people have an internal meter... a way to 'feel' rather than 'know' if something isn't quite right...<br />
Most all the problems I ever had with people is when I've ignored the feeling...<br />
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Sadly,<br />
<br />
The alarm goes off more often than not. <br />
<br />
And so I watch.. for the few who do not set off the alarm.

Humans as a whole are good...its those people who turn the good people into angry humans that is destroying us..we (in my opinion) are born good and become bad...one wrong thing in our lives and it can turn us into evil while it takes millions of good things to turn a evil person into a good person