A Film For You

What do you believe? What do you value? What keeps you alive to live?

I have written a movie entitled “The Monarchs Whisper” about young man who is faced with all three of these questions. Questions that we may have all asked or may be seeking an answer to…

The Monarchs Whisper is a dramatic/comedy in development with a script that has received praise and support during its evolution. It is now ready for pre-production to be made into a film. The challenge for this project has been financial support.

I believe in the project and the value of human life because we all truly want to stay alive, to live. It seems that there are so many movies out there that reflect such negative things in our society. Yet these films get made without offering any intrinsic or redeeming value to the viewer. Big studios don’t make films like these because there are no large profit revenues promised. But not all profits can be measured in dollars and cents. The profit of one life being touched, how does one measure that revenue?

The Monarchs Whisper is a real film about real subjects. It will make you laugh and cry. It will make you examine yourself and the world around you. Most importantly, it will remind you that even the softest whisper can turn a life around and cause it to live again.

Please visit www.themonarchswhisper.com and pledge your support.

The life you reach may be closer than you think.

God bless,

Deep Williams
deepwilliams deepwilliams
46-50, M
Dec 28, 2011