I Hate People!

People suck! You know why? I do!! They kill, people are murderers. I don't just mean those in jail who are convicted for murder I mean everyone. I mean you and me! We are all murderers. You know that thing called global warming that all the scientists are talking about? Well not only is it killing our planet but its killing us too. We created global warming and we are all sucidal murderers. Like this crash that happened. Global warming heated up the earth and now in winter it has cooled down severly. Causing many floods. In Australia, a man and his two kids were in a crash because the floods flushed him off the roads. In this crash, his two year old was beheaded infront of his eyes. We caused that. You may think that thats just nature and a bad driver but he was flushed off the road by the storms, which were cause by global warming, which was caused by people. THATS why people suck. However thats not the only reason why I hate them. They are selfish, annoying and absolutely arrogant. They know deep down what is going on around them and yet they continue doing what they're doing. That's why I hate people!
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1 Response Jun 28, 2007

People make mistakes. The only problem is how long we can tolerate them. And remember, you could be one of them! Finally, don't hate yourself after you have done the thing you may regret forever. That's why Jesus died on the cross.