Just Love

all people, hhhmmm, well that would be silly. There are ppl in this world that I do not care for but in general I love people as opposed to only guys/girls or certain nationalities. If we click then that's all I need. I'm not superficial so the need for that big stud or beauty queen isn't there. And no, I'm not yucky myself so it's not about settling. People are so interesting and everyone has their own thing and that attracts me to them and them to me. I just love people!

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3 Responses Jul 8, 2007

Yeah, PEOPLE. Tweeked, twisted, weird, kinked, applied and misapplied, smart, dumb, and inbetween, they are all just peachy keen most of the time. <br />
<br />

Well we all suck at times and have our moments but ya gotta find the right blend. I'm guessing when I find it I'll know.

I'm with you in that I like people from all walks of life and don't judge people by their nationality, skin color or status, but it has been my personal experience that most people suck! Maybe I haven't met the right people or maybe I watch too much TV, but I am constantly seeing how people are so self-centered, violent, racist, and ESPECIALLY ignorant! Don't get me wrong; I suck too sometimes. See how negative I am?!