The Trouble With Loving People...

The trouble with loving people is that you always leave yourself open to being wounded by them when you do.  It's easier to dislike or dare I use the harsh word, "hate"?  That way closes off the gateway to our heart and keeps us safely padlocked away from imperfect people. 

But is it really the RIGHT way?  Deep down in the heart, we still yearn to be reconciled to people who have hurt us, we still long to be loved and accepted by them.  Being bitter just enables that pain inside to keep festering, meanwhile they are getting on with their lives clueless to our suffering.  Forgiving and loving is the better option at the end of the day.

What about the flipside - loving people that we don't know.  In this age where we are so cautious and suspicious of everybody, we rarely give people we don't know a chance because we've already been so affected by the ones we do.

In a sad and often cruel world, the desire to love people is something that just won't go away.  The deepest hate is never as powerful as the kindest love.  Compassion unites people and breaks the walls of defence down.  Seeing others suffer creates a love within we don't realize we have, and it restores the broken soul.  If we are able to love people, we are much happier.

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2 Responses Jul 15, 2007

I realize that engaging with people in any way shape or form that it is possible that you will get hurt but when you go into a friendship to help some I find that so gratifying and I also know that even if I get hurt it is worth the risk. I still love helping people...

Just listened to this video in the week by my favourite christian artist Jason Upton...if u interested take a look somewhere in the middle he speaks about feeling like a FOOL forgiving a FOOL... But yet at the end of the day it is about giving your all and forgiving and losing instead of winning in a sense...:)