Making People Smile

No matter what I do or wher I go people are always stopping to talk  to me because of my smile.  It may sound normal but you need to understand. I have teeth missing over to the side. A few of my teeth are crooked. I mean my smile is not one that ultra bright, crest, or colgate would do a commercial about.  They say I smile with my whole face or my eyes. I have gone down the isle in the grocery store on a a riding cart and had people chase me down to tell me that my smile or a kind word has made their day. Do you have wonderful experiences like this? My girls say they hate to go shopping with me because evryone stops to talk to me.( I say I hate to shop with them because they spend to much time in the dressing room. )
JacqueSo JacqueSo
51-55, F
3 Responses Aug 23, 2006

that is cool people come up to you.<br />
keep it up.<br />
<br />

What a positive attitude! It sounds like you really enjoy life!