My Job.

I love to know about other cultures and enjoy learning and sharing with people different from myself.  In my job I am lucky to meet people from all over the world.  I teach English to speakers of other languages and my classes are made up of people both from various parts of Europe and from the other Continents too. 

The school I work in has a very strong record of encouraging the students to share their culture.  Every year we have an International Food Day where all the nationalities are encouraged to cook and bring food typical of their culture - prizes were awarded to the Brazilians who put on a great show with a barbecue and music and dancing and also to the Venezuelans, the Japanese and the Koreans. 

On Thursday of this week we had a pre-Ramadan party.  Our Saudi Arabian students put on an impressive display of food, music and a visual presentation to inform others of the meaning of Ramadan and the practice of fasting. 

In London I used to teach refugees and asylum seekers and it was very interesting to have the opportunity to meet people from the rather more obscure parts of the world.  I used to teach a group of women from Eritrea and had the pleasure of joining them for their Easter party one year which was a big celebration for them with music, food and dancing. 

It really is fascinating to learn about people and their customs.  I have to say it's part of my job which I do enjoy the most. 

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Thank you cabman. Yes we can indeed learn a great deal. Not only about our differences of course, but of the great many similarities we share too.<br />
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Yes we can be very Western-centered wonderwoman .. sometimes we think that our culture is the normal and only way ... of course others don't view it that way at all!!