An Ever Changing World of People

I love people and thier complex diversity, I work in a very public job, here is my story:

First let me establish something about me. I am an outgoing, happy person who happens to like to make people laugh. I work in a midsize diner in a small town where everyone really does know your first name and pretty much your whole family geneology.

My day starts a 6:30 am now this is where it is extremly helpful if you are a morning person. Now pause here to consider what might be important about this job. I'm not talking about the duties performed here that is generally understood. I am talking about setting the emotional mindset of the customers as they prepare for the rest of thier day.

The Husband and Wife: This couple is usually the first to arrive they are late in thier 60's, He is a carpenter and she is a lady (ok she is a housewife.) They sit at the same table everyday, this table is like the head table at the banquet hall, in otherwords they have the floor. This couple loves to listen and impart their own family type humor. They are my calendar keepers, they have a small black book of all my "regular" customers birthdays. Every time one of thier birthdays come up, we comprise an assortment of cute gag gifts for them. This practice started as my way of giving back to those that basically keep me employed. It turned out to be such a big hit that everyone started hinting at thier birthdays!

The guy with the really boistrous belly laugh: Ok you have all met him he is a common everyday fun guy, he has a military background and loves to joke around with people. This individule is also on the fire deartment (I respect all people who devote thier ime to help and rescue people.) Our guy here is a counter sitter usually will pick the same seat everyday.

The I can't get a girl to date me guy: This guy will turn down any girl that likes him because in his mind she doesn't look like a 10. Now keep in mind this guy is not unattractive however it is what he says that destroys any chance he would ever have with a woman. He is in his mid 30's and often laments and moans about "women", As you may have already guessed he gets alot of prompting from the other "counter guys". He won't work, he could but he doesn't want to. A prize catch for any young woman looking for a man right?

The mechanic:  This guy is also in his late 60's he is everyone friend; he has a great sense of humor and all the girls/women talk to him. He is also the envy of  The guy who can't get a date! In fact: guy who can't get a date compares our mechanic to Elvis. While he doesnt look like Elvis he has charisma and that as we all know is a major selling point! Our mechanic will almost always sit in the same seat at the counter and always comes in at a scheduled time (did I mention he is self employed) so he is the only clock watcher for his job, yet everytime he comes in, it is the same time.

Mr. everybody talks about me and I dont fit in: This guy would enjoy life a whole lot more if he would learn some self confidence. This guy will ask you "what did you mean by that"   when you are kidding around with him or just asking him  small talk questions. example: whats on your docket for the day. Or what did you do last night? sometimes he will get defensive and give you a rebuttle that makes you feel that  you shouldn't have asked. I am not going to tell you what his job is, these particullar individuls already have a bad rep about thier job.

The young married man: now before you think that all of my morning customers are retired old men here is one that is in his late 20's has young children. He works at a factory and also is in the fire department. Young married man is funny and out going, he  will show newest picture of his kids and struggles to take care of his family.

Now this is a sample of My regular morning customers, not all were mentioned because there are so many. However the whole idea was the diversity of thses people. Each have their own distictive personality traits all coming together in one place. We share good natured bantering with each other, we share family histories and also our specfic problems.

So in a world as vast as it is: we come together in a small place, every day and cheer.joke and encourage each other, as we head out for the day. How could one ever tire of being around the diversities of mankind? There is always something interesting that each of us contribute to our world. I have had the pleasure of knowing some individules who have passed on but will always be remembered as part of "our crowd".

One such person was a retired school teacher she loved coming in early to get her seat. She looked forward to that first two hours of her day.  When she became Ill we would call her and deliver her breakfast or check on her . WE were her social outlet. after she had passed away her family told us how she loved to come to the diner and kept her going until she just couldn't. Now to me that is a powerful statement to make, the enormity of how important a joke, a smile. a kind word can make to one person. so when someone asks me what did you do today. I say with a smile I went to work!

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i like your story it made me smile, i wish there was a place like that where i lived lol