Lover Extraordinaire

I love some Pepe La Pew... No matter how many times his love ran away and rebuked him he went back for more.  If I find a man that is like Pepe and is giving, romantic and keeps coming back for more I may have to date him....Pepe are you out there?

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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6 Responses Jul 13, 2008

LOL got feta stinks... I had feta just the other night with a guy friend of mine that loves it...Man it smells worse than his son's feet. It stinks up everything.

Well, since I am unaware of my own unique scent, I am here for the cheese, mon amour! But uv corrse!

LOL are you here for the feta or the stinch Cel?

Yes!!! Here I am! Here I am!!

LOL.. don't forget I should smell worse than feta cheese lol

ok i just laughed so hard I p-eed my pants so now I am stinky. LOL It is funny that you said that because one of my pet peeves is stinky people trying to get close to me.