Ideal ...

Pepe le Pew is my ideal romantic lover .. he is so sensual ... I love the way he chases after the woman he wants. When he finds her he smothers her in kisses ... and whispers sweet nothings in her ear ...

He is certainly ze locksmith of love, no?

I would have to have a word or two about his personal hygiene issues though ...
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That little skunk may be a minx!

Qui, if a bit indiscriminate with my desire.

Haha ... ze romantic fool eh Lampwick?

Pepe' has always been my role model in life.

Yes, polly ... he knows how to show a lady a good time!!

yes, he is magnifique non? haha ... yes, ladee, he always makes me smile!!

He's always been one of my favourite characters ... I love the episode where he falls in love with the female black cat and she ends up with the white paint stripe on her back ... I think it's the show featuring the perfume shop ...

hehe, if only I could bounce along like that and still look cool. Sadly, I would trip over my tail at the most inapproriate moment...<br />
<br />