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I met my wife who has now passed from the virus but ,I think most people would have ran the other way if they met a person with the virus in fear of contraction.  I can say that my wife showed me what love is in more ways than one, because even though she had the virus I kept after her for some reason we connected on feelings and a relationship began.  After the first year of dating we married, our wedding was in a rain storm but, it was something that I will never forget, again most couples would have postponed but, once you put your money out their you gotta go for it and we did.

No matter what obstacles stood in my way that day I over came.  I use that as my measuring stick in my life because most people probably would have not went through with getting married.  It tells me that if you love someone bad enough go for it.  Yes in our nine years of marrage it was a storm but I have never seen such freinds standby me in that rain and that is what love is all about it is truly unconditional when it is pure.

Love is when a couple bonded at the heart each step of the way through good bad sickness and health they stand together despite the dangers and obstacles that seem to fall in your way.

To love be loved but, able too communicate.

One year after her death feb 25,2010

I still am feeling the loss of her.

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Why thank you ms lady now thats theraputic value

this was very touching & beautiful,