Performing Brings Out The Most Intense Experiences Of Life For Me.....

As I have matured ( I have discovered a joy in performing which I rarely experienced in my youth. It is not that I didn't enjoy performances I participated in as a violinist - I loved the symphonies and shows - but only in the last decade have I learned to concentrate intensely enough that my entire experience is altered and I become truly aware of the performance as a whole. I find it necessary to balance concentration and emotion so that the emotion does not overpower the concentration. If that level of concentration can be maintained over an entire piece or performance the emotional excitement can build to the point that when the music is over a profound sense of release sweeps over me. But give in to the emotion too soon and the details can become blurred and the climax is lessened.
So I have found that the essence of performing is in the tiniest details which must be perfected even as one's ears and mind must widen to be aware of the performance of the ensemble or symphony as a whole. I suppose the joy I feel is not merely the music but comes from the act of intense concentration itself.
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In fact that qualifies as meditation!