I don't like makeup, because it feels like my face has been painted on, like it's not real. I love perfume, because it makes me feel sexy and feminine without having to do hair and makeup. It's so simple and quick, yet it can say so much about you and it's so nice...

One small problem, though. Some people are allergic to certain perfumes... Potentially sticky situation, there.
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As an amateur chemistry teacher, you are not supporting the chemical industry :(
by not painting makeup all over yourself :)

Au contraire…makeup is only one aspect of the chemical industry, and I find synthetic fabrics more comfortable than natural fibre (most of my clothing is actually synthetic). :-) Besides, the chemistry behind synthetic fabrics is more appealing to me (although the chemistry of coloured compounds is absolutely fascinating, I do prefer organic chemistry, especially polymer chemistry).

OK ~ I can't beat your arguments :)
though I'm glad you don't hide your face behind a chemical mask :)

Well, I don't have a problem with other girls (or guys) choosing to wear makeup. I just have sensory issues with the way it feels. I don't necessarily even see it as hiding behind a mask of makeup, merely someone choosing to use makeup to emphasise features they're proud of.

You always have such brilliantly logical answers :)

Merci! Gracias! Danke! [No, I don't speak any of those languages… I just like learning words from different languages periodically and I hope to learn those languages properly someday.]

Terima kasih :)

You're indonesian?

No ~ Aus ~ but I've worked in RI :)

That's cool!

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