First Day~new Perfume

The first time I wore a new scent, sweet and soft, like cotten candy. I was with my son in a grocery store. He kept sniffing the air and looking around. Finally he said to me " THIS IS SO WEIRD~ I KEEP SMELLING COTTON CANDY. I just laughed and said ~ DUMMY THAT'S ME. He gave me an odd look like it never occured to him that his Mama could or would smell that yummy. Foward several days :::::: different grocery store. I was at the meat case when the store butcher came out and walked past me. He stood behind me for a few seconds longer than usual. He walked on. He walked back and asked if I needed help. I said no. He walked away and then turned back. He approached me again. Standing quite close to me he said I JUST HAVE TO TELL YOU YOU SMELL SO GOOD I COULD EAT YOU WITH A SPOON. I replied~Oh! Coming from a butcher~~~am I safe? We laughed. I wear that scent alot. I always get compliments. Nobody yet has tried to eat me. Yet. mini
minimeowz minimeowz
61-65, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Cotten candy, eh? I knew you were full of hot air....