Sucka-Doo Love Potion

I love smells and perfume is just another one of these.  There is a place downtown, used to be anyway, where you can make your own perfume.  Some girlfriends and I reserved a night and got served wine and treats while we smelled exquisite scents.  The place was dimly lit and she had all the bottles against the back of the bar against a glass wall.  It was very fun.  You make your own mixture and then she keeps it on file and you can re-order.  I decided to make my husband some massage oil while there.  She prints off personal labels.  We still have some of the Sucka-Doo Love Potion massage oil.  I love making perfume from essences.

Krypton Krypton
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3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

What a neat business! Oh but how could you decide what to pick?! One time I dreamed I ran a place a little bit like that. It was a good dream. It didn't have any death in it.

Oooh sounds neat! Id love to try this one day :)

That is sure a fun!