My bf and I do it sometimes when im on. I am more horny during that time and he doesnt mind
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period sex is the best ever and an intimate time to be able to share

the reason a lot of guys & women like it is cause its hot & nasty sex but the woman can't get preganat when she's on her period

I had almost the same thing happen. Have loved period sex every since!!

i took my (then) girlfriend virginity when she was in her periode..<br />
it was unintended..<br />
that afternoon she came to my place and we were making out when things got out of control and we ended up naked..<br />
we were soo horny i didnt ask wheter she was and she didnt bother to tell me if she was in her period..<br />
but when i undo her undie i saw the pad with just slight red stain on it.<br />
then i opened her labia and voila.. there the narrowest entrance to heaven.<br />
when its over i got blood allover my thights.. it was nasty.. but since then this menstruation thingy makes me horny more than regular sex

it was great we did it anytime ,and used a towel it does help!

I lost my virginity with a girl during that time. It was a bit messy but hey it was great!

just put a towel down and go for it.....<br />
It all comes out in the wash

Yes I see alot like it but dont want to talk about it...