Menstrual Sex

we are a couple 29/29 and we like perios sex and menstrual slaving...we have a lot of pics andvids .If you want share files please send us e-mail
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2 Responses Feb 1, 2008

my wife and i used to do it ever during period. now she doesn't want while bleeding any more. she is so tight it seemed like popping cherry every time on period.

lol way to go, im a woman and i get horny right before, not too much during it, but on those days that I am in alot of pain, my husband has no problem stabbin me with the penis til i have an ****** and those cramps are history. <br />
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p.s. The uterus contracts to help the lining shed (your period) short when it contracts it causes US cramps and the when you ****** your uterus is relaxed, euphoria kicks in............u just don't feel anything. <br />
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If women over 18 could get a pill that could make them ******, we'd never need pamprin or midol again!