The New Recruit On The Rag

Well my wife, even being the **** she has been in the past was less than pleased to find out I'd been banging a co-worker for about 3 weeks, so I was living with a buddy who was an over the road truck driver and never home, also his place was 3 blocks from Jessi's house, same street even, (how lucky) Well Jessi came over one night for dinner and to be dinner, she was wearing loose running shorts, a tshirt and bra. We were sitting on the couch when I started playing with her ****, she brushed me away and said she was sore, i told her to take her shirt and bra off and let them relax. So being a good little girl she did as she was told and leaned back against me, The a/c made her nipples stick out hard as rocks off of her so called 34 c cups (still think they were ds) I just couldn't leave those firm things alone and started to rub them, I kissed her neck and ran a hand down her stomach and over her pierced belly button and under her shorts, I noticed she had on panties, which was odd for her, almost never wore panties, as my fingers ran down I felt the pad between her legs. She pulled my hand back and said she was really messy. I told her I thought she was hotter than ever, I wanted to rub her crotch, we kissed and she said let me go gets some towels, she layed several out on the floor and got on her knees to suck my ****, all I could think of was her bloody tight ****. I told her how much I wanted her *****, she finally said ok and layed back on the towels, she raised her hips and I slowly pulled her panties down, seeing her fully shaved *****, her pad was soaked with hers and my *** from the previous week, I so wanted to eat her but as great as she was, she never liked having her ***** eaten. She spread her legs, her tight little peach like lips opened, I spread her open wider to see her *** hole, so wet, and blood red, I kissed her right above her ***** and rammed my **** in her. She said she'd never done it on the rag. She was so wet and slippery, then she started to tense up to *** herself, I shot my load deep inside her. We lay there, she told me her **** were freezing off in the a/c, I laughed and prepaired to see what I'd done to her hot little ****. I pulled out slowly, my *** and her bloody coated my ****, she looked at it and said she wasn't sucking that again until I showered. I looked at the *** and blood running out of her *****, down her hot little *** onto the towels. Then she said, get up quick, this is white carpet, if it soaks thru Tim will think I'm a ****, you think? I got kicked out of my house because of this little ****, but she was one of the best ***** around. ****, ***, BLUE EYES, BLONDE HAIR, SHAVED, PIERCED BELLY BUTTON WITH A PULL CHAIN, SWALLOWS, *** FRIENDLY AND LIKES TO 3 SOME WITH AUNT FLO!
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1 Response Nov 16, 2011

I can't beleve she would do all those things but not have her ***** ate!! I would have laid down and dine on that ***** before i filled it with *** once she feels that tongue she would have pulled you in!! I loved your story!