One Night

I met her at a party in college. She was one of the cutest girls I have been with, but I can not remember her name. I had applied every bit of charm and wit to get her home. With about 4 drinks in me I was on fire.. a few more, and by then I was just hoping she was druner than me. Somewhere in the conversation she mentioned being on her period. I figured she was just flirting the whole night, and that was her out, that she was some kind of tease, and she had planned on leaving me with blue balls the whole time. I replied to her claim, "so what, if you really want to do this, let's do this"... again, I was pretty buzzed by now. To my surprise, she agreed to come back to my place. The second we got thru the door to my place, we hit the bed. I picked her legs up on my shoulders and her body said go. I put her legs down and pulled off her pants. She had pink and white panties with a kind of elastic band around them. I slid my head between her legs and as I bit the band of her panties, I smelled it. It was that iron smell of blood. I realized she wasn't lieing. She started to get up, motioned for her pants which were close by and sad "should I go". I pushed her back on the bed. With my teeth I ripped her panties, found the string of her tampon and pulled it out, with my teeth as well. We had amazing sex the whole night, and I never saw her again.
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1 Response May 10, 2012

damn shame as far as i can see . i think i'd have locked the door and stopped her leaving so i could do her again and again