First Time Seeing Red

The first time my girl frined and i decided to go all the way we were in the back seat making out.  She had climbed on top of me and she must have felt the pole in my pants.  She reached down and unzipped my pants and took it out.  I had my hand in her pants but could only feel her butt because she was pressing so hard against me.  Suddenly she asked if I wanted her to take her panties off and of course i said yes.  She did and then she started grinding against me.  My **** was pressing against her ***** and it started to go in.  Suddenly she stopped and asked for me to look the other way.  She then tossed something out the window wrapped in tissue.  She got back on top and I slipped all the way in.  She had taken out her tampon.  We did the "dirty deed" and it was great but messy.  Thank good ness for black vinyl seats.  I had to trash my underwear after that evening.  After that we always got a room when Aunt Flo was visiting

Silver8 Silver8
56-60, M
Feb 15, 2010