To me, a period is not the dot at the end of a sentence. I love sex with a woman on her period. My friend, his sister and I used to play "doctor" as kids. We were about 14, his sister was about 16 and we would get naked and fool around. There was fondling and oral/genital kissing but no real penetration. We  got to where we would *** in her mouth or suck each other off but didn`t get any *** from her. One day, as I was eating her *****, I tasted something different. It was warm and tangy and musky and I thought this was female ***. Surprise, surprise, it was her period and I loved it. Since then, I have done this many times with many women and loved it every time. I I enjoy eating *** from a ***** and I really love *** from a bleeding *****. I like when he pulls his smeared **** from her and sticks in my mouth or ***.
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love a red *****