The Persona series has influenced me a great deal, and I mean seriously a great deal. I played Persona 3 Portable back when I was in high school (I'm almost done with university now). Back then, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, my father worked abroad, and my older sister just died. I didn't realize that I was becoming distant, and I remember feeling tired and hopeless everyday. Instead of crying, I was absorbed in my games.

The Persona series isn't known for being the most light-hearted series out there. Persona 3 in particular had this visual novel-like style that made bonding with the characters special. It was immersive. It was a great game that gave a special focus on building relationships and executing character development. Of course, Persona being Persona, it had its fair share of deaths and tragedies.

I'm now in college. During my freshman year, I sat beside this guy who was sincerely the funniest and kindest guy I have ever met. Although it was awkward, we became friends. I found it strange when he was late on the first day of the Finals exams. The college secretary delivered the news just before the exams started--my friend died that morning.

I didn't have any friends I trusted enough to confide in, so I suppose a game like Persona 3 was what I needed. Something to tell me that it wasn't just me. That it was not just me who had someone close to me die without knowing the many 'why's. Persona 3 was my way of coping without completely shutting myself off. It showed me the aftermath of death, the aftermath for the people who have been left behind. Honestly, I can't really imagine the 'what could have been' if I didn't have Persona 3 when I did.
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I'm so sorry for your losses, i can understand that it's hurt(not 100%prosent understand, but understand to a certain degree. And Its ok how you choose to cope with it.. everyone cope in different ways, and that's really ok :) And i wish and hope the best for you. And im her if you want to talk too<3 :/ -sincerely, Jens Jensen

Sounds like I have to play Persona 3 at some point, I've been meaning to. It sounds like you're a stronger and wiser person because of it.
I'm sorry for all of your losses.