Everybody Has Pain... Emotional Pain... That Is.

So where is it? In our mind/head or in our heart? We dont really know. So let's pretend for a minute that it's like an organ somewhere in our body. Like a little bag full of pain. Well, in that bag there will be lots of layers of pain. Depending on which country you are born in, you will allready receive some of the collective pain of your surroundings. If you are born in Iran, in the middle of a war zone, your pain bag will be a lot heavier than if you are born in Switzerland where it's more peaceful. Then depending on your parents you will have more pain. If you have an alcoholic father or a drug addict mother, you pain bag will get heavy. Then you have school teachers that might bully you, you have peer pressure, boyfriend or girlfriend trouble, etc.

Well, this little bag just like any living organism needs to be fed. What do you think it needs to get fed? ... More Pain. Yes.

And where do you find it's feed? In your closest relationships because you know how to press each others buttons and create "Drama" within seconds.

Now that you know this, you will see this in others first, then you will see it in yourself. As you see it, you bring it to the light and it vanishes.

The idea, of course is to shrink you pain bag to the point where you no longer need pain...

angelique007 angelique007
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

You are very welcome! I am so happy to have made a difference in your life which I am sure will have a mushroom affect and lift many others. BE HAPPY!!!