Just A Qioz

1. Who is my favorite actress of all time?

reese witherspoon

2. What's my weakness?

reese's peanut butter cups, children, spice girls

3. What's my favorite color?


4. Why do I love EP?

i can express myself and share whats on my mind

5. Why do I like reading?

to escape

6. Why do friends stabbed me in the back?

They are not a true friend.

7. Why do I dislike my boyfriend?

its not that i dislike him, just sometimes i dont understand him

8. Why do I dislike like me?

there are a lot of reasons. i have made a lot of mistakes, im fat, and i cant deal with some things

9. Do I have compassion?

Yes. sometimes

10. Why do I sometimes don't make sense

im not sure really

jessicakennedy jessicakennedy
18-21, F
Sep 28, 2012