This is a relational psychology personality test i took from:

Originally i was taken the test but it then drifted to me writing a story. I just felt like sharing the story just because.

1. Imagine yourself on board a boat that is sinking. You manage to swim to a life boat and climb in. How many people do you see in the life boat with you?
2. You row to the shore and see a vast desert before you. You collect some belongings and supplies, and head out across the desert in search of salvation. How many pairs of shoes do you use?
3. Upon entering the city, you see a castle that intrigues you and decide to go to it. After passing the gates you find yourself walking down the length of a long corridor leading to the throne room. You enter and see a king and a queen sitting side by side on the throne. What do both the king and the queen look like? What characteristics do they seem to embody?
4. You leave and go down a spiral stairway. It's dark and shadowy, with torches lit intermittently along the walls. As you're walking down a lady (if you are a man) or a knight (if you are woman) from the court passes you by. You only catch a glimpse of their face, and they remind you of someone you know. Who did you see?
5. The stairs lead you to a banquet room and you see a long table with a golden goblet in the middle of the table. Looking inside the goblet, how full of wine is it?


1. How many true friends you perceive you have.
2. How many true loves you'll have before getting married.
3. What you imagine your ideal mate to be like.
4. This is the person you will never get over for the rest of your life.
5. How full it is represents how much of yourself you give in a relationship.

My results:

Our cruise ship hit a reef due to being thrown off course by a severe storm. I find myself having to jump off the side of the ship and swim to a circular life raft with 5 people in it; two elderly men and a women, one latino guy in his 30's, and one women in her 20's. We row to shore where we see minimal greenery and a vast dessert behind. We pull the life boat to shore and notice some luggage from the cruise had drifted here. Staring back at the boat we see large black thundering clouds with the occasional lightning strike. I look towards the vast dessert to see clear skies and heat radiating from the sand.
Upon opening up one of the suit cases i find hiking boots and socks. Discarding my toms, i put on the boots. I find some Advil medication, sun tan lotion, sun glasses, and a water bottle packed as well. I fold a hoodie into a satchel and gather some useful supplies. I took a tee-shirt and wrapped it around my head, and another shirt as a cape over my arms to protect myself against the blazing sun.
We decide to adventure across the dessert in search of help. An elderly man and woman decided to stay behind with the raft saying to go on without them. The other older man, the latino, and woman, and myself ventured out across the dessert in search of anything; a village, an oasis, something.
Off in the distance we see something; a gold and white palace. As we approach we see camels tied up on the outside of the gates with a troth of water. The walls where a pure white and the gates a pure shining gold. We enter into what looks like a village of small white buildings. No signs of human life anywhere. We continue on towards the palace main entrance. Two guards with spears stand on either side of huge white doors with golden swirls and filigrees. They open the doors and we see a large hallways with red carpets and green plants every so often. We walk down the hallway, up a few stairs, till it opens into a huge chamber with coulombs, a wrap around balcony, and two thrones at the centre, raised with stairs.
A woman was sitting to the right side of the male, her throne slightly smaller than his. Her face and hair reminded me that of the Virgin Mary; long, pure, delicate. A white scarf was draped over her hair and across the shoulders. Her robes were also of a light weight material; reminding me of Ireland in a way, but more simplistic, angelic almost.
The male having light brown hair and medium beard sands up to greet us. Him wearing a floor length green cape, carrying a sheathed sword and war like attire. He had a charismatic and authoritative type gesture with his arms outward as if to embrace us. The woman sat silently, still watching us but remaining reserved, hands folded in her lap.
We tell them that 5 of us are stranded on his shore due to storm. The kings face changes to an unsettled look, he glances back at presumably his wife. She too look as if to have concern... But more concern than one would expect for a ship wreak. The queen stands and stares at me for awhile and excuses herself to leave the room.
The king offered us a meal, drink, a change of clothing, and sent out two soldiers to retrieve the remaining survivors on the beach.
The older man, latino, and woman entered the room next to us where a banquet hall was. I politely asked the king for the change of clothes that he offered. He guided me to a winding stairway behind the thrones. He told me to follow the stairway and ask one of the maids for a change of attire. The stair way was shadowy and lit with torches intermittently placed. Alcoves with pottery and interesting pieces were found every couple stairs.
I hear footsteps approaching ahead and a face emerges from the darkness. A male with brown hair, a shaven face, and blue eyes looks up toward me and smiles.... Maybe they were green. He was wearing war like attire very much like the king. He calls me a name ive never heard before and greets me as a long lost friend. I tell him my real name and the joy fades from his face. He apologizes saying he must of confused me with someone else. He excuses himself and continues up the stairway.
Continuing my decent i contemplate the encounter... The man was strangely familiar but i just could not picture where from.
At the bottom of the stairway a maid greets me, i tell her the king had sent me down. She led me into a small room with a divider in the corner. Clothing was spilling out of wardrobes and hanging over furniture in the room. She handed me a white floor length dress of a flowing material. After putting on the dress she placed a light blue scarf around my body and over my shoulder so it draped down. She stepped back and told me how i looked just like the last time i saw her. I corrected her saying she must have confused me with another just like the man before. She had a puzzled look for a moment then apologized for the mistake.
As i ascended up the stairs i tried to remember where from i had seen the man. I faintly remember someone how looked like him from my childhood... I also remembered the grecian type building i had seen him. The memory fades.
As i enter the banquet hall, the man i saw earlier was sitting at a long table. The table could fit 20 or so people. He was talking to the survivors, leaning inward as if to be intrigued. When i entered he stopped mid sentence and stares at me. I paused at the doorway, unsure what to do or say. He abruptly stands up and pulls the chair beside him back. The king was sitting on the end of the table smirks at the man and laughs alittle. Slightly embarrassed as i walk over the king announces that this is his son; Yahushua. That is a peculiar name i thought to myself. Yahushua...
Yahushua complemented me on how well i looked in the dress. I quietly thanked him walking around the table towards the seat. As i walked over i noticed a single golden goblet with red jewels on the side filled with wine almost to the brim on the table. The rest of the table is cleared except the goblet. Everyone watches me as i seat myself down. The two elderly people whom we left at the raft entered the room and joined us at the table. The maids then started bringing forth platters and plates of food and placing them in front of us. The food was wonderful.
After the meal the king asked me to join him. His son followed closely behind us. We entered a room filled with books and interesting alchemy like contraptions. He called me to stand before him and told me that it was time. He placed his hands on each side of my head. Confused i just went with it and closed my eyes.
I was then overwhelmed by every single emotion i had ever felt in my life, i opened my eyes... The king now had a different appearance, his skin was light and radiant, his hair and beard a pure white, his eyes more blue than i had ever seen. I then remembered everything... That i once lived here, all the horrible things that had taken place, all the things that had happened to me... I collapsed to the ground, my body feeling numb and weak. Tears started streaming down my face, and i started to sob.
The king reached down to me again but Yahushua embraced me and pushed his fathers hand away telling him no more. He held me there against his chest... But it was all to overwhelming for me to do anything else.
The king explained to me that sending me to earth and taking my memories away was the best option for me after the events leading to my departure. He then told me that it was no normal storm that i arrived in... That we were no longer on earth.
Yahushua holding me tighter also started to cry. He told me he didn't know if i were ever to return. I then passed out.
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Holy smokes o.o I love when writing inspiration takes place like that though haha.

I was alone on the lifeboat, wore 2 pairs of shoes, the king and queen were beautiful, otherworldly and kind, the knight looked like my brother and the wine was half full.

I'll never get over my brother?! Lol. These quizzes are fun, but I wouldn't put too much weight on them.

My favourite relational psych quiz is the cube. Ever taken it before?

Wasn't the one you sent me was it?

I don't remember sending you one? Lol

The one with the horse and stuff?

Lol yea i guess i did

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