Who am I quiz The OCEAN big 5 quiz

* Openness
Openness reflects your willingness to embrace new and unusual experiences.
Your high level of openness suggests that you are imaginative, creative, and comfortable with variety and change. But you can also tend towards individualistic behavior and impractical thinking.

* Conscientiousness
Conscientiousness is about how we control and act on our impulses.
You like to act immediately on impulse, which can be both effective and fun. But if taken to the extreme this can produce undesirable long term consequences for yourself and others.

* Extraversion
Extraversion reflects how energetically you engage with the outside world.
Your high level of extraversion suggests that you experience positive emotions from social situations and activities, so are likely to seek them out and thrive in them.

* Agreeableness
Agreeableness indicates your concern for the happiness of social groups.
You have a healthy sense of skepticism, and a strong resolve. You don't shy away from making those tough decisions which can't please everyone but still need to be made.

* Neuroticism
Neuroticism shows your tendency to respond emotionally to events.
You are emotionally reactive and prone to react intensely to events with feelings that linger for some time. This can affect your ability to think clearly or cope with change and stress.

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Mar 1, 2016