Quiz: 'what Kind Of Lady Are You...'

You have a soothing and nourishing personality. You appreciate your community and enjoy the simple things. You are a very visual woman with much creativity and personality. There is a sense of interest in self-exploration and you can often have a reflective perspective on life. You are vibrant and sparkle when in a group.


Yes, I know... who is going to read about another person's personality quiz -

just so ya know, my status does indicate that I am extremely bored right now   =)


(Also, on Facebook I found out that:)

Sunshine Girl  took the "Are YOU a Southern Bell or a Redneck Princess?" quiz and the result is Southern Bell.  (well thank goodness!!!)


Classy, flirty, charming and smart, you know that as a Southern Girl, you have a certain etiquette to uphold. You're a true romantic and you know that any man taking you out better be a true Southern gentleman. You can cut loose and have fun too but you always look stun...ning doing it. As a Southern Bell, you know a girl can always get what she wants with a little flutter of the eye lashes.




sunshinegirl23 sunshinegirl23
36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 24, 2010

Ah, my sweet mentee - there are too many wonderful people in the world to love... so please try not to limit yourself to only one.<br />
<br />
(Plus, when your 'main' love is not acting right - it is nice to have back-ups so u do not miss them as much!)<br />
<br />
Don't forget that right now is the time of your life to experience at least a little bit of the 'naughty co-ed' that may be hiding behind your wonderous traits of being a perfect romantic.<br />
<br />
kisses honey!

I am sending you a big kiss cutie!<br />
Tell me what ur's says... (the quiz)