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I've loved the Peter Pan story since I was a little girl.  My mum gave me the book by JM Barry which she had been given as a prize when she herself was a child.  The book had an insert inside the front cover which had an inscription saying that my mother had won the book as a prize when she was 7 years old.  That would have been in 1930. 

Sadly the book was badly damaged when it was in storage and I had to throw most of it away.  But I went through and cut out all the line drawing illustrations which my mother had coloured by hand with water colour paints when she was a little girl.   There were also colour plates too but these did not survive. 

The edition was particularly lovely because the drawing and colour plates were all by Mabel Lucie Attwell who was a wonderful British illustrator in the early part of the last century. 

Here's Wendy sewing on Peter's shadow. 

and here's a line drawing of Peter

I am going to collect all my mother's painted images together and make a collage as a keepsake to display in the house. 

It's really a very touching story, the little boy who didn't want to grow up and I think we can all relate to it and I remember my mum reading it to me regularly when I was little.
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It's beautiful, thank you for sharing.

thank you for commenting Karin. I'd forgotten about this story and how much I do love the Peter Pan story and these illustrations.

I could never forget Peter Pan as I'm sure neither can you. However, the new movie/series "Neverland" by sky movies made me go into a bit of a journey to my childhood where Peter played a huge part. Thank you for replying,!

yes I guess I could smiling faces ... thanks for the suggestion. Her drawings are just so adorable, I really do love them.

Yes that's true m2bf ... and it's such a lovely moment too. I particularly love those illustrations by Mabel Lucie Attwell they are such a huge part of my childhood memory.

You could also scan them and use as a wallpaper on your computer. I, too, love those drawings! I also love the drawings in "Ferdinand the Bull" and Beatrix Potter stories!

I mentioned this story to a group of grade 5 children a few weeks ago. (we were doing a poetry reading regarding shadows and I thought I could connect with them by discussing the touching moment when Peter's shadow is giving him a hard time) They didn't know what I was talking about because the bit wasn't in the recent movies.