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I absolutely love the Phantom of the Opera novel, musical and movie. I have acted in two productions of the musical--once as Meg and once as Christine. I watch the movie at least once a month and I just finished reading the book which was awesome.

I love how the 2004 movie is like the musical but it incorporates some idea's from the book. I like the musical's interpretation, the music and how it worked the music into the plot. I love the original Gaston Leroux because of its brutal honesty, it doesn't sugarcoat things and says "Sometimes life frickin' sucks" but at the same time saying "Life is a roller coaster--an unexpected up will come out of nowhere".

All in all, I 100% love all three.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

You are so lucky. I'm so glad I actually found someone my age that likes the phantom of the opera. Most of my friends don't really like it and when I try to play them a clip from it they just kind of ignore me. It gets kind of annoying sometimes but I don't really care me and one of my other friends likes it so that's all that matters to me.

I feel the exact same why. None of my friends really like it either and they just ignore me when I try to play a song or clip, or show them a picture. I only have one other friend who likes it but not as much as I do. :p