Does God Need Faith In Us?

Everyone seems to be under the impression that God knows everything. He knows who's going to heaven and who's going to Hell. He knows what choices we are making today, tomorrow, and a billion years in the future. There's just no getting around it. God knows everything we have done, will do, and also where we will end up. But here's where the question lies, can God really know every choice we will make down the very finest point?

I will share with you my philosophy, and I will share it with you in a way that I hope you can understand.

First, I want you to imagine yourself as a single point. Draw a little dot on a piece of paper in front of you if that will help. Okay, now draw two lines stemming out from that dot. It doesn't matter which direction these lines are going or how straight or waving these lines are. Just draw them! The dot represents where you are at this present time. Those two lines you just drew represent two paths you can choose to take as you live through your life. You can only walk down one of those paths, but both are present before you.

Now imagine drawing an infinite numbers of lines out from that single dot. This represents the great many choices we have in reality based upon Free Will and morality (or the lack thereof). In fact, I want you to draw so many lines that you appear to come back to a single dot. Wonderful! Now what's my point? Imagine that God can see you and all the choices (including thoughts and actions) you could possibly make in any given moment as a single dot before him. Great, God knows everything. He knows every choice you could ever possibly make. But does he know exactly which path you will choose to walk down upon?

I want you to imagine that you're throwing a paperclip over to the corner of the room. You know that you're throwing it over towards that corner, you have an idea of where it may end up, but can you know exactly where it will land? I think this is a lot like how God sees us. He can see the general direction that we're headed, but he can't see exactly where we will end up. God has a very good idea, but it's not something that's definite just like you and me throwing that paperclip.

So now imagine that we're looking back at a point with two lines protruding out of it. Let's say that God knows we will walk down one of those two paths, but he doesn't know what we will decide to do in that moment. God hopes we make the best decision possible, but he doesn't know for certain. Wouldn't this idea be very possible?

I think of the scene in the Matrix when Seraph (the Asian guy) asks the oracle, "Did you always know?" And she responded with, "No, but I believed." The oracle was much like the Matrix's prophetess if you will, but even she didn't know for certain the outcome of all things to utter perfection. She could see all the probable choices and outcomes, and thus give clever and wise advice based upon what she could calculate, but she still had to have faith herself.

This idea I give you is not contrary to saying "God knows everything." In contrast, I'm just adding more onto the sentence. God knows everything, including all the choices we could possibly make and all the places we will likely end up, but He doesn't know every little choice that we will make. That is only made certain with time as we go and do. All things are present with God in that he knows everything that definitely will and might happen, but somethings are subject to change.

If you are a Mormon, then this last note might be of some interest to you. I think a person's calling and election is made sure when God knows most assuredly that every choice you make will lead you to the celestial kingdom. Not to say that you will be perfect, but he knows most assuredly that you will keep the commandments and speedily repent. But even then, you could commit the unforgivable sins and do a 180. For those who have their calling and election made sure, I would argue that there are times when God worries that you might make that huge mistake. God hopes that you don't and believes in you to remain good, but which choices you make as an individual is not always something God knows for certain. He can only see you for how good you are for keeping the commandments and prejudge you based upon that.

An interesting theory I have even though you may not agree. No?
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Jun 1, 2012