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Written on August 17th, 2012

I Just Began 15 New Groups @ the theme, "I Love ..... So Much, I ......." - INC PHILOSOPHY

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What do you think about this poem?

Out of our mother's womb we come crying.
We had no choice being born into a world of threats and bribing.
A mind we did not make or choose for ourselves absorbs all our 5 senses can perceive.
We learn that from pleasing others we can receive.
From babies the goal of most was to mold majority into productive, satisfying, and harmless.
We become defined by titles, awards, and labels that without them we deem ourselves worthless.
Some refuse to be molded.
And those who refuse are incarcerated, sent to mental institutions, or executed.
Inspired by fear of painful consequences we become obedient.
Looking to be rewarded and validated we play the part of being resilient.
Some don't think about it.
But none of us asked to exist in a world where to others' desires we play puppet.
You see, it's normal for people to explode.
If I could step out of my instinct of self-preservation, I wouldn't blame those who refuse to be mold.
If we were conscious of the struggle it can be to adapt to where we showed empathy.
Then maybe less people would react in apathy.

I prob love just about everything you do besides the 'christian' stuff....wanna chat???