I have always felt that philosophy was rather interesting and intriguing. I've always been interested in thoughts and opinions. I even plan to minor in philosophy when I go to college. Philosophy is an amazing subject.... one to be explored by all..... or most....
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Oh, definitely. I agree. And thank you. :)

Oh, definitely. I agree. And thank you. :)

Good for you. I was a Classics major and Philosophy minor, but have always been a Philosophy major at heart. It's hard to get good professors, though, and in a field like Philosophy, wise teachers are a crucial element.

I really like what you had to say, 50percent, but I already have a "plan" (which had nothing to do with my father, thank goodness). I am going to major in Psychology and Journalism. And have MANY minors, including Philosophy and Dramatic Arts. Thank you for your input and have a wonderful day!

Don't minor - double.

Sure, Dad has your best interests in heart. Professional philosophers have an average income of about three cans of lima beans a year.


If you major in Philosophy, one thing you will learn is how to think critically, write clearly, argue persuasively, investigate systematically, and will be just darn more interesting.


If you double major (which doesn't really mean taking more courses than a single major, just fewer options for "fun" courses) with a practical subject, you will have a powerful undergraduate education.

Combine the benefits I mentioned with... what? A business degree? Sure - know all about balance sheets and Adam Smith, the founder of our capitalist system. (Great article in The Atlantic by a former management consultant who successfully advised clients on business issues, and them thinking he had an MBA but really had a PhD in Philosophy. It thought him to think.)

Or, Pre-Med and Philosophy - diagnosis is critically thinking in its most important venue. And, medicine is daily challenged with dilemmas of ethics. And, think of how well-written your journal articles will be after all of those essays on Plato and Hegel and Adorno.

Or, engineering - wow - that was me and let me tell you that being the only person in an organization of 1000s who can write a coherent sequence of paragraphs, approach people from almost anywhere in the world with an open mind, ***** all the hype out of a marketing document to find the tiny bit of content within, and lead a group of egotistic geniuses toward a common goal by reason - all of that comes from my training in Philosophy and it's been good.

So, obviously I think very highly of this subject. Don't sell it short. I knew I was going to be an engineer, but also that a major in Philosophy wasn't going to hurt me. And tell Dad that after you have your degree in whatever, when the time comes for you to sit down across an interviewer for your first job, and they've just spoken to 129 "Stepford Wives" job applicants, and they scowl at your resume they assume is going to be just like all the others and then stop, look up, and say "you doubled with Philosophy?"

And you say "Yes. I did. And it was fantastic. And let me tell you how that makes me a better Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Salesperson, Architect, Comedy Writer, Fashion Designer, Veterinarian, whatever."

Oh, and for Pete's sake, learn a foreign language in college. I mean really, go the distance, four years, speak read write it, fluently. Chinese if possible. Globalization you know. Put that in your resume too. Get lots of feathers in that cap.

Oh my gosh! That would be awesome! lol

yeah!!! I agree, first I wanted to be a philosopher but my dad didnt approve so I'm gonna minor in it too!

you and I should have some philosophical debates sometimes lol