yep! i loveee philosophy...im a HUGE fan of rush and the band just SCREAMS philosophy and all that stuff .....my mom has books on AYN rand. ive never read them but now a bit of what objectivism is but well im SURE there is aloooot more to it then this......hmmmm anyways i find myself getting in love with philosophy more and more everyday..and it seems dreamy to me and mystical...natural physics too..lol but i dont know thats another story i suppose..

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You're hilarious. Fine weave of the esoteric and the mundane into a quick 'thought piece.' If you want another allusion to use, 'Beauty is truth/Truth is beauty/This is all you need know/In this world or the next." I find that comes in handy when I need a quick exit from a boring social situation and also when I need a bon mot for aggressive bouncers.

yeah i know..(: his mother had a thick accent and prounonced it as "GEDDY" or atleast it sounded that way...booya!...:P

A Rush fan! When I started out playing guitar my teacher was a huge fan, so he taught me Alex's guitar parts for a lot of the older albums. I still use a piece from 'la Villa Strangiato' as an exercise and warmup. When I lived in Toronto, my friend Dave was a good friend of Geddy's, and we were supposed to play Squash or Raquetball, I can't remember which. I don't play Squash or whatever, and I never did get to meet him. His name is really Gary. Nice Jewish guy. Anyway, it's good to know that some people have excellent taste in music!