Gods And Such

Kevin Brooks, an amazing author with revolutionary morals and actually incorporates them into his writings. I look up to him. Especially his book titled, 'Killing God'. The quotes inside that book really fueled my thoughts on the guy who is supposedly all powerful and has a big plan for us all. And in another book of his, 'iBoy', he wrote, 'I mean, god does **** all doesn't he? He just sits there on his throne luxuriating in all his powers, demanding to be adored.' or something to that extent. He had and has such a pragmatic view of life and i strongly believe in that logic. If we want to beg others for help, why not beg ourselves instead? The best person to help ourselves is us, since we will never let ourselves down.

Those who think this philosophy is crap, you don't have to be offended, just think about what i typed. Think about it this way, if we can't even help ourselves and believe in OURSELVES, how can another, a total stranger in our lives supposedly help us when we just take His name in vain? It's like shouting out, 'I'm a weak, pathetic human who can't be strong enough to be independent!' And, what is the meaning of a god, really? Someone who has transcended humane proportions of power or whatever you call it, perfection, etc. Basically, someone so strong, so independent he can help everyone else and still help himself right? Humans evolve, constantly, and our definitions of 'god' evolve as we do. God was once human too, just that he did something humans could not do and became the 'All-mighty'. What was that thing we could not do? Be strong to the state of 'divinity' as we call it. So listen up, we can all become gods in our own right, JUST STAY STRONG.
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I very much agree with you, in a way we define our own mortality and immortality. I guess it all depends on our definitions, but those are only changed if we choose to change them. Some people believe themselves to be too set in their beliefs to evolve, but who decides that but them? Who creates our definitions besides us?