She's the Coolest!

I like Phoebe (from the show, "Friends" btw, for those who don't know). She's so weird and... crazy. But mostly weird! Heehee! My sister and I often sing her song, "Smelly Cat". Especially lately, when her cat Zeena, needed a visit to the vet. She was smelly, as her teeth were rotting from old age and needed to be removed. Zeena is quite an old cat and the vet said it was amazing that she still had teeth at this age. Most cats her age are toothless.

Anyhoo... Phoebe is the best! I have often said, if I were to be a character from Friends, it would be either Phoebe or Chandler. Yes, I know that Chandler is an dude! So what? =p

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Mar 26, 2009